Our Story

Typically, Environmental, Occupational Safety & Health (EOSH) has been perceived as only a responsibility of OSHA or designated EOSH professionals; compliance focused; and costly. This is simply not the case.   We believe that occupational safety and health is more than regulations and compliance, and with the desire to change the perception of EOSH, SHE3CAP was created.

Our Approach

SHE3CAP approaches EOSH from a collaborative perspective where information exchange and employee engagement as well as accountability and involvement at all levels in an organization create a transformational program that is essential for success.


SHE3CAP’s mission is provide industry leading EOSH solutions that are safe, lean and simple. Collaboration and communication ensures efficient and effective EOSH success.


SHE3CAP’s vision is to change the perception of EOSH from strictly regulations and compliance to sustainable collaborative integration within business and overall culture.


Our goal is to anticipate our clients needs and exceed their expectations by providing the best EOSH solutions that safe, lean and simple.

Let us solve your EOSH needs…

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