Why SHE3 Capabilities?

SHECapabilities (SHE3CAP) provides safety, health, environmental, energy, and engineering services for government agencies and corporate entities. SHE3CAP has a concentrated expertise on safety management & training. We are committed to excellence in transforming the way our customers view occupational safety and health by delivering efficient and effective solutions. SHE3CAP can help organizations by providing various environmental, occupational, safety, and health (EOSH) solutions information and expertise to meet their needs.

EOSH is our focus and we believe that it is more than regulations and compliance. As such SHE3CAP, approaches EOSH from a collaborative perspective where information exchange and engagement is essential to success. Our vast knowledge of EOSH gives us the ability to create new or adapt existing processes and procedures to allow organizations to grow. SHE3CAP will work with every customer’s requirements to present diverse choices from which the best high-quality solution will be implemented.


Address your safety needs today safe, lean and simple.

Management, Oversight, Documentation, Education, and Learning (MODEL) are the main offerings of our firm. The SHE3CAP MODEL will help our customers advance their EOSH sustainability efforts in the following areas:

    • Policy and Program Development

    • Risk Assessment and Analysis

    • Training Development and Delivery

    • Development and Implementation of Management Systems

    • Worksite Assessments and Compliance Audits & Evaluations

    • 5S+ Safety Implementation


Management & Oversight (MO)

SHE3CAP offers safety management and oversight for your organization, for a project, contract or a day to day operations.

Documentation (D)

Whether you need Policies, Procedures, SOPs, JHAs, or more, SHE3CAP will help you develop documentation to support your EOSH program.

Education & Learning (EL)

Ensuring your employees are properly educated and trained to identify hazards and work safely is integral to your success. SHE3CAP provides learning opportunities to fit your needs.



“Don’t leave safety to chance. Proactive training in risk management equips you to identify hazards, mitigate threats, and build a culture of safety that protects everyone.”